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The LAB cubic art studio is a collaberative project between Jill Tsai (Conceptual artist) and Robert Millin (Vfx Artist).


We started working together in 2013 on an experimental project to make us unique in the art of tactile design by integrating 3D printed lifelike organisms in unexpected combinations.


Jill Tsai | BSc(Hons) MALA


Taiwanese born artist; based in London where she lives and works Jill is the Design Queen of "Cappatea Culture Design" where she rules her design kingdom. Never limiting herself to any one medium Jill uses graphic design, illustration, painting and sculpture to realise her creations. Many of her artworks focus on human qualities, humour, consumption and beauty. With numerous exhibitions in both London, Los Angeles and Taipei, Jill has created a variety fantastical art pieces, graphic novels and sculptural artworks.


Robert Millin | BA(Hons) MALA


British born Architect and digital 3D artist Robert has lived in London since Receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Masters of Arts in 2001. He has since worked on projects encompassing, Architecture, Design, Advertising, moving image campaigns and digital effects for television. His Understanding of form and special awareness, experience with mixed media coupled with a broad technical knowledge allows him to create intriguing and beautiful digital art & sculpture.



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